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Mincing FAQs

Mincing FAQs

The meat mincer is a critical point of any operation. Your product is either cut correctly or ruined! The word is watch your cutting tools and the machine. A few small preventative measures can give you consistent quality and production day in and day out. If your product doesn’t flow freely from the head, looks pale or dead, and the temperature is increasing, call Barnco!

Q: How often should I be sharpening my plates and knives?

A: There is no “golden rule” for when you should resharpen plates and knives – after all, nobody processes exactly as much as the next person. You should monitor your product for any changes in texture, as blunt equipment produces meat that is smudged and unappealing.

Q: Is it OK to use my new knife with my old plate?

A: It depends. In most instances where this happens, it is going to reduce the quality of your product because of mismatched components. You should always try to keep knives and plates in sets and have them sharpened at the same time. However, a plate or knife that is only a few weeks old can be matched with a new knife or plate, depending on the frequency of use. Trust your gut!

Q: When should I replace my insert blades?

A: You should replace your insert blades when the bevelled edge of the blade has been worn away.

Q: When should I replace my knife holder?

A: If there is substantial wear on the knife holder where it fits on the stud pin, or if the holder fits loosely on the pin itself, the knife holder should be replaced. Furthermore, all knives should be replaced when there are signs of cracking or fracturing.

Q: Can I resharpen insert blades?

A: Speco Triumph insert blades can be resharpened at least once. Please contact Barnco for proper resharpening procedures.

Q: How should I store my plates and knives when I am not using them?

A: We recommend that knives and plates be properly lubricated with food grade grease. Lubricating them will keep them from spotting or staining. Additionally, after washing plates and knives you thoroughly dry them. Even a single drop of water on either component will lead to oxidation and leave a spot.

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