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PIECO Reclaim Bone Elimination Unit

The PIECO Reclaim Unit is capable of giving you back up to 95% of the product you write off as “waste”.

Previously, one would regrind this “waste” through a smaller hole plate to salvage any good product. But everyone knows the problems with this method:

  1. You end up with an inconsistent batch by mixing the smaller reground mince with the original grind.
  2. You have an ill-textured product as the product is heated by both the regrinding and transportation from mincer to mincer.
  3. You’ll leave yourself open to cross-contamination.
  4. And you’ll never get your money’s worth!

What It Does:

The PIECO Reclaim Unit separates the desired product from the undesired particles. It then returns the desired product back to the original batch, while maintaining the size and definition of the product produced by the main grinder.

This method of reclaiming greatly reduces the potential for bacteria growth and cross-contamination of batches and products. Furthermore, there is no need for additional handling of product, reducing labour costs and saving your operation time and money.

  • Capable of giving you back up to 95% of the product written off as “waste”.
  • Custom designed and fit to each particular customer’s grinders.
  • Designed to reduce pressure on the product, unlike previous methods.
Projected Results (actual example):
Speco Bone Collector PIECO Reclaim Unit
Primary Grinder 68,000 kg per day 68,000 kg per day
Waste Collection 1,360 kg (2%) 1,360 kg (2%)
Reclaimed Meat 1,292 kg (1.9%)
Total Waste 1,360 kg (2%) 68 kg (0.1%)

Primary Grinder: Processing 68,000 kg per day.

Speco Bone Collector: Of the 68,000 kg processed, the Speco Bone Collection System catches 2% (1,360 kg) and sends it to the PIECO Reclaim Unit.

PIECO Reclaim Unit: Of that 2% (1,360 kg) captured, the unit reclaims 95% (1,292 kg) and returns it back to the finished product. This leaves only 5% (68 kg) of rejected bone and sinew waste. This is effectively only 0.1% of your original batch.

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