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At Barnco, we offer in-house sharpening at competitive prices. With over 35 years of experience in machine tools and their maintenance, an extensive level of care and detail is given to all plates and knives when sharpened. We’ll also inform you of any defects in your parts, advising you if and when to replace them.

The following concerns meat grinding but can be applied to any cutting process.

Common Problems and Signs of Wear:

  • Is your product not flowing freely? Does it look pale and dead? Are shattered plates causing production down times? Don’t fall victim to equipment misuse and poor tool maintenance.
  • A common cause for equipment breakdowns in the meat processing industry is the failure of grinder plates and knives. The vast majority of these issues are due to blunt tools, excessive pressure, and no lubricated wear. As a result, the quality of your end product is compromised.
  •  Every skilled butcher knows that sharp hand tools are an essential part of their trade. In modernised butcheries, this philosophy extends to the parts used in machines like meat grinders. A razor-sharp cutting edge is a critical part of any meat processing operation.
  •  The plates and knives of meat grinders need to be inspected and resharpened on a regular basis. Signs of cracks and defects, changes in the quality of your meat, and the thinning of a plate below its proper safety thickness mean that your parts need to be replaced.

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