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Speco Triumph Holder & Insert

Speco Triumph Holder & Insert

The handiest, most sanitary mincer knife ever.

Always level

The Speco Triumph blade is a single piece of metal, so all four cutting edges will always be level with the surface of the mincer plate. With a bolt-style insert knife, you need to make sure that each insert blade is sitting flush with the mincer plate — there is the possibility of installing them incorrectly. With the Speco Triumph insert blade, you can’t go wrong.

Clean cutting = better quality mince.

Easy to use

With the Speco Triumph system, you can pair up your fine, medium, and coarse plates with their very own insert, all while using the same holder. The Speco Triumph system makes it easy to follow best practices to keep your mince flowing freely and your equipment in good nick.

Keep your knife and plate as a set!


The Speco Triumph system is ultra-hygienic compared to bolt-style insert knives. Did you know that bacteria and other contaminants can harbour in the threads and crevices of nuts and bolts? With a bolt-style insert knife, inserts should be removed and thoroughly cleaned along with their nuts and bolts every night. With a Speco Triumph insert knife, you won’t think twice.

Twist on, twist off – no dramas.

Better value

Speco Triumph knives and plates are constructed from D2 steel — a highly wear-resistant material. This means that they will hold their edge better than stainless steel knives and plates, so you won’t need to sharpen them as frequently. The less they require sharpening, the longer they will last overall.

Pay more upfront, save in the long run.

Make the switch to Speco today:

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