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Wholesale Butcher Supplies

Wholesale Butcher Supplies

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Barnco is a family-owned business with over 40 years of experience in supplying quality products to the food processing industry.

If you’re servicing or supplying butchers or meat processors, Barnco should be your primary source for machinery, blades, and supplies.

When working through Barnco, you can be sure your customers are equipped with high-quality products from established local and international brands, bolstering your business in turn.

Why Choose Barnco for Your Wholesale Butcher Supplies?

As a dealer of Barnco, you have a warehouse full of stock at your disposal. Broadening our network allows us to secure great prices for our customers whilst continuing to keep adequate stock of what is most in demand. We track the trends and keep the stock, and you take advantage of our buying power.

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A Full Range of Butcher Supplies at Wholesale Prices

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Efficient machinery is the backbone of any modern meat processing operation. Supplying the right machine for the job can significantly impact a butcher’s productivity and product quality. Make sure you’re offering the best solution for your client with machinery and support from Barnco.

  • Mincers / Grinders
  • Chop Cutters & Slicers
  • Meat Dicers
  • Sausage Fillers
  • Forming & Portioning Equipment
  • Skinners & Derinders

Machine Blades

Sharp, durable blades are crucial for maintaining product quality and machine health, and ensuring safety. We stock only the best mincer plates and knives, skinner and derinder blades, and bandsaw blades — don’t settle for less.

  • Speco® mincer plates, knives, and inserts
  • Edge® bandsaw blades
  • Personna® skinner / derinder blades
  • Lumbeck & Wolter® mincer plates and knives
  • turbocut Jopp® mincer plates and knives


Single-use packaging and storage products to help extend product life, improve presentation, and increase operational efficiency.

  • Framarx® waxed burger paper
  • Caspak® vacuum pouches
  • Caspak® bone guard
  • Ennio® netting and twine


Tried and trusted operational supplies to keep butchers and processing facilities clean, efficient, and safe for operators.

  • Vikan® cleaning equipment
  • Nally® tubs and trolleys to suit
  • Fischer® sharpening tools
  • Victorinox® hand knives
  • F. Dick® hand knives
  • Protective apparel
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Things You’ll Love About Dealing with Barnco

Top Product Quality

Extensive Product Range

Competitive Wholesale Pricing

Tailored Supply Arrangements

Exceptional Customer Support

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